The Last Leg Down Under

The award-winning gang from ‘The Last Leg’ have been sent to the wilderness of Australia for the ultimate outback road trip – though one with a twist: After 4 years of English co-hosts Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker abusing Australian Adam Hills about his idiotic country, his imbecilic countrymen, and his funny accent, Adam is plotting his revenge. He wants to show the lads that Australia isn’t the silly place they thought it was, but in fact a searing hot, unforgiving hellhole, stuffed full of people who are hard as nails.

The Last Leg boys have just two weeks to complete this hellish itinerary and drive 3000 miles across the continent in order to get to Sydney in time for a party in honour of Adam’s 97 year old Grandpa. But will Josh and Alex be broken by the real Australia before they even get there?