Fever Pitch (Series 2)

Coming soon to Paramount+, the second series of the award-winning football documentary, produced in collaboration with STUDIO 99.

Libby are you home yet?


  • Winner – BAFTA, Best Documentary Series
  • Winner – Broadcast Digital Awards, Best Documentary Series

Three-part series, Libby Are You Home Yet? tells the story of Libby Squire, a 21-year-old student, who was abducted and murdered walking home from a club in her university city of Hull in 2019. Libby’s disappearance sparked the largest manhunt in Humberside Police history, which culminated in the arrest of local man, Pawel Relowicz, who had been leading a sick double life in which he stalked and sexually assaulted young women. With access to Libby’s family, friends and the Police, this series chronicles her life, the hours that led to her death and the exhaustive investigation that followed. This is not your average true crime story. In a society still prone to victim-blaming -where women seem to be solely responsible for their own personal safety -this series challenges that narrative.

Inside our Autistic Minds

Thinking differently, Chris Packham helps autistic people illustrate how their minds work, helping them connect with their friends and family in a new, more authentic way.

Special Forces – World’s Toughest Test

Filmed master interviews with 16 celebrities in Jordan, ahead of their Special Forces selection process.

In order to join the most elite military units in the world, first you must pass selection. Now, 16 celebrities will be put through some of the harshest, most gruelling challenges from the playbook of the actual Special Forces selection process. There are no votes, and no eliminations – just survival. The course is run by a team of former Special Forces Operators with nearly 70 years military experience between them, they will be looking to see if the recruits have the characteristics needed to make it in the Special Forces.

DNA Family Secrets

Over 26 million of us have taken a DNA test in the past decade. This growing popularity of genetic testing has created worldwide databases that allow us to ask questions previously impossible to answer about our families, ancestry and health.

Stacey Dooley is meeting people across the UK who want to unlock mysteries hidden within their genetic code. Working with one of the UK’s leading geneticists, Professor Turi King, as well as genealogists, social workers and doctors, she uses the very latest DNA technology to reveal lost heritage, track down missing relatives and detect debilitating diseases before it is too late.

Serena Williams Untitled Doc Series

Amazon Prime documentary series following Serena’s life story, including her quest for a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam title.

Filmed in France May & June 2021.

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Catching a Predator

The inside story of the investigation into the crimes of Reynhard Singa, Britain’s most prolific rapist.

In 2020, it was made public that Reynhard Sinaga had been prosecuted for 159 counts of rape and other sexual offences, against 48 men. But police found evidence relating to more than 200 victims, many of whom remain unidentified.

With exclusive access to Greater Manchester Police’s 2017-19 investigation, this film tells the story of serial male rapist Sinaga’s conviction – the biggest rape case in British legal history. From his flat on Princess Street, Manchester, mature student Reynhard Sinaga would target lone men who’d been on a night out and invite them into his home, with the offer of somewhere to have a drink or to call a taxi. But instead, once they were inside, he would drug, assault and rape them, recording the attacks and collecting personal belongings as ‘trophies’ from his victims.

Investigators found evidence of more than 200 victims, and many had no recollection of being abused until a police officer knocked on their door to tell them they’d been attacked and filmed. Some of these men still have not been identified. He had been offending for a decade.

As evidence of the horrific scale of Sinaga’s offending was uncovered, this film tells the detailed inside story of how detectives pieced together an unprecedented prosecution.

And one of Sinaga’s victims, speaking in the film for the very first time, waives his right to anonymity to break the silence that surrounds male rape. His powerful testimony contributes to an important national conversation in the UK, where sexual violence against men remains one of the most underreported crimes.

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Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, The Final Journey, Season 5

5 years, 14 countries, Netflix longest running non scripted series, every season straight to number 1 in the UK.

Director of Photography for all 5 seasons.

Jack and Michael Whitehall return with the fifth — and final! — season of Travels With My Father. This time it’s the greatest journey of all: a tour of their homeland, the United Kingdom. From a dinner with Gordon Ramsay, piloting a spitfire and a search for the Loch Ness monster, it’s the last epic trip for the father/son duo.

Celebrity Best Home Cook

Filmed this 8 part series in studio during Covid pandemic, August & Sept 2020, TX Jan 2021.

Claudia Winklleman and Dame Mary Berry search for the first ever Celebrity Best Home Cook. Ten celebrities enter the Best Home Cook kitchen with one goal – to win! They may be stars in their own worlds but now only one thing counts – can they cook?

The brave celebrities battling it out are: reality TV star Ferne McCann, Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas, comedian Desiree Burch, ex-politician and broadcaster Ed Balls, TV presenter Karim Zeroual, actor Ruth Madeley, reality TV star Tom Read Wilson, actor Shobna Gulati, comedian Ed Byrne and journalist Rachel Johnson.

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Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, Season 4

Season 4, When Jack heads to Australia for a stand-up comedy tour, he decides reluctantly that he’d rather have Michael join him than make the trip alone.

Episode 1 – In Sydney, Hilary joins the boys and goes head-to-head with Jack in cricket, while father and son compete in a drag show and Jack tries speed dating.

Episode 2 – Jack and Michael head to Queensland and Uluru, where they meet a senior biker “gang,” celebrate Australia Day and rub elbows with emus and camels.

Stacey Dooley and the Lockdown Babies



One week intensive filming on the maternity and Neo-natal unit adhering to NHS guidelines during covid, for this Panorama special.

Almost a quarter of a million babies have been born in the UK since lockdown began. Stacey Dooley reports from Bradford Royal Infirmary to find out how the pandemic is transforming the way we deal with pregnancy and birth. She meets pregnant women terrified of getting the virus, women giving birth and new mums with coronavirus who have had to isolate themselves from friends and family. Stacey also speaks to midwives and doctors who reveal how their lives have changed in order to protect mothers, babies and themselves from the risk of infection.

The Great Mountain Sheep Gather



1 x 100’.

Scafell Pike is England’s tallest mountain and home to a flock of native Herdwick sheep. Every summer, their shepherd must gather these notoriously hardy sheep and bring them down to the farm for shearing.

The Great Mountain Sheep Gather charts this journey across the fells with epic bird’s-eye view photography descending into the valley below. This timeless event has taken place in the Lake District for over a thousand years. Opening at dawn with the shepherd blindly navigating the foggy peaks and crags, this film reveals the skill, knowledge and bravery needed to care for a flock in this rugged land.

As the fog lifts to expose the breathtaking landscape, and the small pockets of sheep merge into one big group, the voice of Lakeland shepherd Andrew Harrison allows us to see this unique world through his eyes – the knowledge of the dogs, farmers and sheep passed down from generation to generation for centuries, the challenges of life in the fells, and the conflict posed by visitors and the 21st century.

Specially commissioned poetry written by Mark Pajak and read by Maxine Peake provides a counterpoint to the shepherd’s insights throughout this film.

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Drones filming mountain sheep

An American Aristocrats Guide to Great Estates

8 x 60 Smithsonian Channel series revealing the grandeur and fascinating backstories of the magnificent homes of Great Britain’s nobility. Through the eyes of host Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, viewers will receive an all-access pass to the amazing architecture, aristocratic inhabitants, priceless treasures and best-kept secrets of some of the United Kingdom’s most impressive estates.

Each hour-long episode will follow Viscountess Hinchingbrooke as she visits one of these lavish homes – from Gloucestershire’s Sudeley Castle to Scotland’s Inveraray Castle to her husband’s own historic family estate in Dorset – Mapperton. Montagu will go beneath the skin of these finely crafted buildings as she discovers the lifestyles of the current owners, staff and craftspeople responsible for maintaining every exquisite detail, revealing what it really takes to maintain such storied estates for future generations.

The Family Secret



The story of a family who confront a secret of sexual abuse after 25 years. With extraordinary access, the film follows the victim and the perpetrator.

Charles 1: Killing a King

3 x 60 documentary series investigates a momentous event in our political history – the trial and execution of King Charles 1; an act that forever changed politics and power in England.

Killing A King tells the story of the most momentous four weeks in our history. It is a story of immense pathos and drama: King Charles I is put on trial and executed by his own subjects; and 6 children lose their beloved, affectionate father. A cabal of extremists has gained control of the country and as they debate whether Charles should live or die, the future of the monarchy itself hangs in the balance.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, Season 3

Now living and working in LA, Jack hopes to convince a reluctant Michael to move to the U.S. by showing him what the American West has to offer.

Episode 1: In LA, Jack and Michael take in some naked yoga, acting lessons and a tour of Compton. Then they ride a bus to Phoenix, where Jack becomes a wrestler.

Episode 2: After stops in Sun City and Tombstone, Arizona, Jack and Michael go to Las Vegas, where a surprise guest could ruin Jack’s “lads and dads” itinerary.

Who Do You Think You Are? Mark Wright

Intrigued by family stories from his granddad Eddie, former TOWIE star and presenter Mark Wright investigates his dad’s side of the family. Discovering Sephardi Jewish ancestry and a master swordsman living in late 17th-century Andalucía, Mark’s journey takes him to Spain where he’s astonished to finds out how his nine-times great-grandfather survived the terror of the Spanish Inquisition, while a less fortunate relative was burned at the stake.

The Yorkshire Ripper Files: A Very British Crime Story



The case of the Yorkshire Ripper is re-examined by filmmaker Liza Williams, exploring how attitudes towards women in 1970s Britain derailed the investigation leaving a killer at large.

Read bout it in The Guardian.


Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, Season 2

Brand new destinations: same old problems. Jack and Michael return for a second series of Travels with My Father and this time Michael takes the reins for a trip to Europe, with stops in Germany, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and more.

From the stunning ice capped mountains of the Bavarian Alps to the intoxicating mystery of Istanbul…along the way Jack and Michael will find themselves running the gauntlet of beer bikes in Budapest and campervans across rustic corners of Romania; they’ll embrace kitsch Europop in Moldova, and try their best to evade gun-toting Cossacks and marching clowns in Ukraine.

If Michael had hoped that this trip would be an educational journey – he really should have learned his lesson from last year!

Emmerdale 1918

Marking 100 years since the end of the First World War, Emmerdale 1918 uncovers the incredible untold stories of real Yorkshire men and women from the unique perspective of the cast of one of Britain’s favourite soaps. A host of Emmerdale’s most famous faces – old and new – are about to leave the set behind and step back into the past to celebrate the lives of unsung local heroes who drove the war effort.

From Woolpack chef to the real wartime cook, village vicar to the battlefield priest, telly farmer to the real country land girl and Emmerdale vet to the real frontline vet. Inspired by amazing stories of gallantry, sacrifice and heartbreak from villages in rural Yorkshire, including the actual village that Emmerdale was based on, they’ll honour these hidden heroes when the cast come together to host their very own Emmerdale Armistice celebration.

Back in Time for School

Fifteen pupils and three teachers embark on an extraordinary time-travelling adventure to discover just how much life at school has changed over the past 100 years. The school itself is their time machine, transporting them through seven eras of British history – from Victorian grandeur and the age of Empire through a postwar grammar, a 60s secondary modern, and finally the dawning of the digital revolution in the 80s and 90s. Guided through their time travels by presenter Sara Cox and social historian Polly Russell, everything the students and teachers experience – from the lessons they learn to the dinners they eat, technology, discipline and playtime, is based on historical data and school records of the past.

Rachel Nickell: The Untold Story

During her 26 years working as a news reporter and presenter, Fiona Bruce has covered some of UK’s most shocking crimes, but the murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common in July 1992 is one that has stayed with her more than most.

This programme, made by Keo Films, sees Fiona revisit the crime. Speaking to key figures involved in the case, she uncovers what went wrong in the original inquiry, how the case was solved and why the human impact of this crime lingers even now.

Fiona meets people whose lives and careers have been affected by this controversial case including Colin Stagg, who was charged and acquitted of Rachel’s murder. Stagg talks about what it was like to be pursued by police for a brutal murder that he did not commit and how he has struggled, over the last 25 years, not to allow what happened on Wimbledon Common in 1992 to define him and his future.

The programme aims to take an in-depth look at an appalling and tragic case that has changed lives, ended careers, tarnished reputations and ultimately changed policing.

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan meets convicted murderer, Mark Riebe, a killer who has confessed multiple times to the abduction and murder of thirteen young women along Florida’s Gulf Coast.   Though he is incarcerated for just one murder – and has since withdrawn all his confessions – police believe Mark Riebe is a serial killer – and one of the worst in Florida’s history.

Using Mark’s own extraordinary video and audio confessions, news archive and testimony from his victim’s families, Piers explores the mind of Mark Riebe and asks what sort of man could cruelly murder these young women and then taunt the families of his victims and the police for nearly twenty years with his game of cat and mouse.

Death Row 2018 with Trevor McDonald

Five years after spending two harrowing weeks on Indiana State Prison’s Death Row, Trevor McDonald returns to find that the prison has built a new death chamber… it could be his last chance to speak to the condemned men he has been unable to forget.

In a stark prison cell Trevor reunites with Ronald Sanford, who was sentenced to 170 years for murdering two elderly women when he was just 13 years old. Their original meeting left Trevor questioning how a teenager could carry out such an horrific crime. This time Sanford opens up about the childhood that, he says, made him primed to kill and why he could commit such heinous acts.

Trevor pays a return visit to the prison barber shop and meets head barber, Rick Pearish, who’s serving life for armed robbery and kidnap. Last time they met, the now 72 year-old man believed he had a chance of being released but five years later he tells Trevor that he’s resigned himself to the fact that he will die behind bars.

Back on the row Trevor discovers tensions are running high and the reason for it is a mutual hatred amongst inmates for child killer and rapist, Frederick Baer. Baer tells Trevor how he’s convinced the other offenders are trying to poison him and one, Benjamin Ritchie, goes a step further and says they would kill Baer if given the chance.

Amongst the familiar faces, Trevor meets the latest arrival on death row – a serial killer who’s never spoken publicly before. William Gibson is convicted of killing and mutilating three women…and in a climactic encounter gloats to Trevor that there might yet be more victims to be found.

Guardian review 2 Feb 2018: “You know what you’re getting with a Trevor McDonald documentary. He offers clear-eyed detachment, and, though his own views simmer underneath the surface, he rarely lets them into the narrative. While Louis Theroux, who covers similar ground, is warm and relatable, McDonald is precise and earns trust through his authority; it’s a more old-fashioned journalistic approach. But that’s not to say it lacks emotion. His time with 72-year-old barber Rick, a one-time armed robber who has lost all hope of ever being released, is deeply affecting…  This is a delicately balanced documentary. In McDonald’s interpretation, there is deep respect for the victims of these terrible crimes, and also a lingering question about the point of vengeance without any prospect of rehabilitation, about punishments that can seem arbitrary, and dependent on time, place and circumstance.”

Back In Time for Tea

The Ellis family from Bradford travel back in time to discover how changing food in the north of England reveals what life was like for working class families over the past 100 years.  Starting in 1918 they experience first-hand the lives of previous generations, from the food people ate to the jobs they did and how they kicked back and enjoyed themselves.

Presented by Sara Cox and social historian Polly Russell.  Filmed episodes 1, 2 and contributed to 5.

Episode 1 audience grew to 2.8m with a 13.2% share. Averaging at 2.5m. 1 million over the slot average.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

Comedy series filmed in 4K through Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam for this Netflix 6 x 30 part series.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father is where the Rough Guide meets the Michelin Guide.  Jack has packed his Swiss army knife and Michael’s loaded up on Coleman’s English Mustard. Jack can’t drive, Michael can’t swim and neither speak any foreign languages. Which is really, really helpful when you’re travelling.

Visiting new ground, the pair travel to South East Asia on a popular “gap year route” to experience jungle treks, desert nights, and full moon parties! All the while Jack beds down in a campsite and Michael roughs it in a 4-star hotel.  Along the way, the Whitehalls partake in a number of unique experiences, including attending an elephant polo match in Bangkok and taking a primitive train ride in Cambodia.

Killer Women with Piers Morgan

7 x 60 episodes.

Filmed series 1 & series 2 in Florida and Texas.  Piers Morgan meets America’s most notorious female murderers in a quest to discover what drives a woman to kill.

Killer Women with Piers Morgan sees Piers sit down to interview these convicted female murderers in the high security prisons they now call home. Coming face to face with the women behind these unspeakable crimes, Piers delves into each complex case to try and uncover the truth and gain insight into whether justice has been served. He meets the people whose lives have been touched or altered by the crimes hoping to shed light on the truth behind the shocking headlines. Piers speaks to the investigators and lawyers who worked to bring each of the killers to justice and those who believe in their innocence. In moving encounters, he meets family and friends to find out how their lives have been shaken by these shocking crimes.

Mafia Wives with Trevor McDonald

Shooting in Florida and New York, 2 x 60 minutes.

Trevor McDonald returns to the world of the Mafia, this time gaining unprecedented access to the wives, daughters and girlfriends of notorious gangsters. In these two compelling, emotionally rich films Trevor discovers how the choices these women have made effects their lives today and how those who grew up around the mob bear the scars of their father’s actions.

Walks with My Dog

Series 1 and Series 2, Walks with My Dog follows a host of celebrities and their best canine pals on their favourite dog walks, to Britain’s most beautiful places.

Filmed walkers including Bill Bailey in stunning mountain treks, Julian Clary enjoying meandering country walks; Robert Lindsay, Kirsty Wark and John Nettles on a rugged cliff top ramble; Clive Anderson, Helen Skelton and Ben Fogle take in coastal gems, while Sarah Parish visits one of Britain’s most stunning national parks.

Victorian Bakers at Christmas

4 x 60 series.

How the Victorians invented Christmas as we know it today – through the eyes of four professional bakers, who make favourite festive products from the most revolutionary era in British history. Featuring the long lost centrepiece of British Christmas known as twelfth cake, mince pies with actual meat in them (tripe – and roast beef), surprisingly recent innovations such as Christmas cake, cards, crackers and even Santa Claus.

Historians Alex Langlands and Annie Gray are on hand to fill in the fascinating facts behind the transformation of our midwinter break – from a riotous 12-day affair with clear pagan elements which climaxed in early January, to the more respectable family-based occasion centred on December 25th which we know today.

When Phillip Met Prince Philip

Phillip Schofield learns about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award over the course of a year marking its 60th anniversary, meeting the Duke at celebrity galas, special receptions and intimate events.

The Incredible Story of Marie Antoinette’s Watch with Nicholas Parsons

Nicholas Parsons, Just a Minute host and stalwart of the entertainment world, explores his life-long enthusiasm for clocks when he goes in search of the most valuable and famous watch in the world.  The so called Marie Antoinette, once the target of one of the biggest museum heists in history, was the masterpiece made by 18th-century genius Nicholas Breguet for that doomed queen.

The Last Leg Down Under

The award-winning gang from ‘The Last Leg’ have been sent to the wilderness of Australia for the ultimate outback road trip – though one with a twist: After 4 years of English co-hosts Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker abusing Australian Adam Hills about his idiotic country, his imbecilic countrymen, and his funny accent, Adam is plotting his revenge. He wants to show the lads that Australia isn’t the silly place they thought it was, but in fact a searing hot, unforgiving hellhole, stuffed full of people who are hard as nails.

The Last Leg boys have just two weeks to complete this hellish itinerary and drive 3000 miles across the continent in order to get to Sydney in time for a party in honour of Adam’s 97 year old Grandpa. But will Josh and Alex be broken by the real Australia before they even get there?

The Not So Secret Life of the Manic Depressive, with Stephen Fry

1×60 documentary for BBC One. Ten years since Stephen Fry’s The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive started a national conversation about mental health, The Not So Secret Life Of the Manic Depressive: 10 Years On looks at the experiences of Stephen and others with bipolar (as it is now called) now.

In the new film we see how different people of all ages deal with bipolar and interviews with Stephen Fry give a privileged insight into what living with bipolar really means: he talks about the time he attempted suicide when he was filming in Uganda in 2012; how his busy lifestyle exacerbates his condition and the moment he realised his condition couldn’t be cured, but only managed.

When Ant and Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years of The Prince’s Trust

This 90-minute special sees Ant and Dec, in their own inimitable style, granted a real insight into the work of The Prince’s Trust as they accompany His Royal Highness on a number of engagements – chatting to him along the way, meeting people who have benefited directly from the charity and witnessing, first-hand, the passion that The Prince has for The Trust he founded in 1976.

With extensive access to Clarence House, St James’s Palace and Kensington Palace, the duo talk openly to those closest to His Royal Highness who tell Ant and Dec what drives The Prince in his work for charity and also share some revealing and funny stories from their lives with The Prince of Wales.

Vegas with Trevor McDonald

In this series Trevor McDonald discovers the secret life of Sin City. Across the two programmes, Trevor builds up a portrait of real life in this city famed for its 24 hour excess by venturing far beyond the tourist areas of the Strip to delve into the lives of people who call Vegas home. Trevor meets the city’s winners and losers – the ex mobster hiding out from his mafia brothers, the poker player who won over $18 million in one game, the former prostitute who now runs a safe house for working girls and Las Vegas’ most famous resident – Mike Tyson.

Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners with David Olusoga



2×60 for BBC Two. In 1834 Britain abolished slavery, a defining and celebrated moment in our national history. What has been largely forgotten is that abolition came at a price. The government of the day took the extraordinary step of compensating the slave owners for loss of their ‘property’, as Britain’s slave owners were paid £17bn in today’s money, whilst the slaves received nothing.

For nearly 200 years, the meticulous records that detail this story have lain in the archives virtually unexamined – until now. In an exclusive partnership with University College London, historian David Olusoga uncovers Britain’s forgotten slave owners. Forensically examining the compensation records, he discovers the range of people who owned slaves and the scale of the slavery business.


3×60 series for ITV. 24 ordinary people – from a wide variety of backgrounds including lorry drivers and travel agents – are about to make a life changing decision. They are to become Police Officers.

With rare, intimate access to the Lincolnshire Police, the trainees and their families,  Rookie Cops  reveals what it is like to be dropped into the front line of law enforcement without any experience and how this impacts their loved ones.

Perspectives: Rik Wakeman on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

1×60. Antonio Vivaldi’s the Four Seasons is the most popular piece of classical music of all time. There have been over 1000 different recordings , selling tens of millions of copies.It’s become so ubiquitous – in lifts, as phone ring tones or on call-centre answering machines – that it has been denounced as Muzak for the middle classes.

Rick Wakeman – platinum-selling prog rock keyboardist and television Grumpy Old Man – thinks the critics are wrong. He believes that the Four Seasons was so far ahead of its time that it was actually the first ever concept album – and that Vivaldi was the world’s first rock superstar. Rick turns detective to solve the mystery: his journey takes him to Venice – in the 18th century the most debauched city on the planet – where he encounters some of those who have devoted their lives to studying and worshipping Vivaldi … and uncovers the whiff of a very modern rock star sex scandal which may have contributed to Vivaldi’s downfall.

Bradford Fire with Gabby Logan

1×90 documentary. On May 11, 1985, at an end of season Third Division football match between Bradford City and Lincoln City, a fire took hold which got so quickly out of control that it consumed the two hundred foot-long main stand at Bradford City’s Valley Parade stadium in less than four minutes. Fifty six people died and many more were injured.

Gabby Logan, who witnessed the tragedy first-hand, revisits the worst fire disaster in English football history. The film, that will premiere on the 30th anniversary of the fire, is the first time a full length documentary has been made about the events of that day.

Logan relates the countless heroes – including her father, the former Bradford City assistant manager Terry Yorath – who risked their lives to save others that day.

Slow Train Through Africa with Griff Rhys Jones

5 x 60-minute series for ITV1.  Filmed two programmes through Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Slow Train Through Africa documents the progress of Griff Rhys Jones as he travels the length of the continent from Morocco to South Africa via its rail system.

Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery

1 x 60 actor and comedian Russell Brand remembers his destructive 11-year heroin addiction with brutal honesty.  The Observer: “In this intelligent, impassioned film he gleans eye-opening information from scientists researching the psychology of addiction, alternative recovery therapists and drug addicts themselves.”

Women in Power

3×60. In this series, historian Amanda Vickery explores why, in the early 20th century, thousands of British women joined a violent militant organisation. In the struggle for women’s political rights in Britain, the most iconic are the suffragettes – but for Vickery the story begins long before these Edwardian activists.

The Great War – An Elegy: A Culture Show Special

1 x 60 In a major new BBC commission, acclaimed poet Simon Armitage has written seven new poems about World War I that form the centre of his latest television documentary.

Armitage visits French beaches, German prison camps, so-called ‘thankful’ villages and remote corners of the Scottish Highlands as he considers the death of over 700,000 British soldiers in the conflict and tells seven real-life war stories. He learns of those who lived and died through it, those who worked and grieved and cried through it, and even those who tunnelled to freedom beneath its very soil. Each story culminates in a poem inspired by Armitage’s research.

Nicola Benedetti’s Indian Serenade

Celebrating ten years since she won Young Musician of the Year, virtuoso violinist Nicola Benedetti joins the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra on the trip of a lifetime: a tour of India. This film goes behind the scenes with Nicola – as she plays in Mumbai and New Delhi and experiences the country for the very first time.

It reveals the joys and challenges of life on the road for a musician; the gruelling rehearsal schedule, the pre-performance nerves and the thrill of coming off stage to rapturous applause. There’s an insight into Nicola’s passion for the violin – and the special bond she shares with her Stradivarius. Nicola also takes part in workshops for local children and gives an informal performance to young children in a Mumbai municipal school.

Big Ballet

3 x 1 hours Big Ballet follows a troupe of plus-size amateurs as they attempt to realise their ambition of performing scenes from Swan Lake, mentored by choreographer and dancer Wayne Sleep and ballerina Monica Loughman.

Weight Loss Ward (Series 2)

This three-part documentary series returns to Sunderland’s Royal Hospital, where its specialist ward for the morbidly obese treats patients who are seeking surgery to battle their weight gain.

Focusing on the busiest NHS obesity unit in the UK, Weight Loss Ward follows the personal stories of the patients, their journeys to losing weight, possible reasons behind their weight gain, the reality of gastric surgery and its consequences.

The series also gives a unique insight into the challenges faced by the ward’s 50 specialist hospital staff in getting patients to lose weight, to keep it off, and the tasks they face in performing surgery on them.

Children of the Master Race

1 x 60′ historical documentary examining the Nazi Lebensborn program, set up to create a new generation of the supposed “master race” which was to continue ruling the 1000 Reich.

Inside Asprey: Luxury by Royal Appointment

For the first time we get exclusive access into Asprey: jewellers to the Royal family since Queen Victoria’s reign.

On one of London’s most prestigious streets stands a British institution that’s been trading its brand of luxury for over 230 years. Popular with super-rich clientele who’s desire for the finest quality along with a personalised service means that they are willing to pay a painfully high premium to buy into the brand.

With exclusive access we’ll follow the fortunes of the staff, the store and its customers over one summer. We see the upstairs/downstairs world of the super-elite and the people who serve them.

A Portrait of Jonathan Yeo: The Culture Show

Alastair Sooke meets portrait artist Jonathan Yeo as he prepares for a solo show at the National Portrait Gallery.

In the lead-up to the exhibition, Yeo allows BBC cameras into his usually private studio, revealing the challenges and pleasures of painting people for a living.  Filming included British actor, Tom Hollander, as he sits for a portrait and campaigner Doreen Lawrence.

The People’s Medal

1 x 60 Journalist Natasha Kaplinsky has gained unprecedented access to the secretive world of the Queen’s New Year’s Honours and in this one-off hour-long documentary she explores the British Empire Medal, introduced last year to reward the extraordinary, ordinary people all over Britain who have made a huge impact on their community.

Secret Knowledge – Stradivarius and Me

1 x 30 Clemency Burton-Hill indulges in her lifelong passion for the instrument as she explores the mysterious life and lasting influence of Stradivari – through four special violins on display at this summer’s Stradivarius exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Hillsborough: How They Buried The Truth



1 x 60 A Panorama investigation reveals how police, politicians, lawyers and judges all played a part in burying the truth about Britain’s worst football disaster.  Never-before-broadcast footage of the FA Cup semi-final in which 96 Liverpool fans died reveals a catastrophic failure by the emergency services, how lives might have been saved and how subsequent inquiries were misled.

Can Eating Insects Save the World?

Stefan Gates immerses himself in the extraordinary world of hardcore insect eating as he discovers that insects aren’t just healthy, they might be able to help save our planet. Stefan goes on a food adventure to meet the people in Thailand and Cambodia who hunt, eat and sell edible bugs for a living.

Heritage! The Battle for Britain’s Past

1 x 60 From Old Bones to Precious Stones: Charting the birth of the heritage movement and the first arguments of radical thought. Their actions led to the first piece of legislation to safeguard prehistoric and ancient structures which until then had often fallen prey to the short-term interests of farmers and landowners.

Your Paintings: A Culture Show Special

Contributing camera. For years, thousands of paintings owned by the British public have been hidden away and inaccessible – until now. Alastair Sooke teams up with art detective Dr Bendor Grosvenor to unearth some hidden gems and find out what our paintings say about us.

Bradley Wiggins: A Year in Yellow

1 x 60. Contributing Camera.

Bradley Wiggins – A Year in Yellow gives a no-holds-barred look at how one of Britain’s brightest sport stars balances his professional and personal life. Cameras follow Olympic Gold medalist Wiggins across some of Europe’s toughest races as he trains for the Tour De France and attempts to be the first British rider to win cycling’s most iconic professional race. The 31-year-old is already the highest placed British rider ever at the Tour de France – jointly with Robert Millar – after his 4th-place at the 2009 Tour.

The one-off documentary captures the personality of Wiggins as he trains and competes for the Tour, following his journey and speaking to those closest to him. The film is directed by John Dower (Thriller in Manila).

Henry’s Wives with Terry Deary



Director of Photography on this educational drama series.

MacIntyre’s Big Sting – Series 3

Donal MacIntyre’s crime series that turns the tables on the criminals who make everyday life misery for the rest of us.

The Real Wild at Heart

Presented by Amanda Holden. 1 x 60 following the work of Virginia McKenna and the Born Free Foundation in South Africa.

Real Families: Diary of a Mother on the Edge

1 x 60 story of one mother’s fight to raise her disabled children.

Make Me a Muslim

3 x 60 formatted reality documentaries following a group of secular Brits during one month’s no-holds-barred immersion into Islam.

A Very British Gangster

1 x 90 “The Real Sopranos” close up with notorious Manchester gangster family, The Noonans, following, literally, Dominic Noonan’s trials, and his tribulations.

Good Dog Bad Dog

Debate about the health and welfare of pedigree dogs, to provide would-be buyers and breeders with guidance on best practice.

Art of the Sea – In Pictures

Contributing camera. Poet and author Owen Sheers examines our changing relationship to the sea and how this is reflected in the work of artists who have tried to capture its ever-changing essence.

Muslim Driving School

Observational series following the trials and tribulations of a group of Asian women and their instructors as they attempt to learn to drive and pass their tests.

Come Dine With Me

Ongoing work on this popular culinary series where amateur chefs battle it out over the dining table.

This is Liverpool

D.O.P on advert promoting Liverpool as an international destination. Shot on HD with Pro 35 and prime film lenses.

Samantha Brown’s Asia



4 x 60 American travel expert Samantha Brown goes on an Asian odyssey, shot in Malaysia, Singapore, Tokyo and Indonesia.

The Year Britain’s Bubble Burst

1 x 30 The BBC's business editor Robert Peston reflects on a cataclysmic year for our banks and our economy, and his role in the turbulence.

Fern Britton Meets….

2 x 60 Fern Britton talks to Shelia Hancock and Clarissa Dickson Wright about how their beliefs have shaped their lives.

Universal Island Records music video

DOP HD music video with band Attic Lights, title music for new Channel 5 Minder drama series.

Cruickshank on Kew: The Garden That Changed the World

Historian turned presenter Dan Cruickshank unearths some of the surprising stories that shaped the famous gardens on the eve of their 250th anniversary.

Make Me a Christian

3 x 60 formatted reality documentaries following a team of mentors and their volunteers in their quest to learn a Christian way of life.

Racing’s Dirty Secrets

1 x 60 Revealing practices which mean that ordinary punters laying a bet sometimes never have a chance of winning.

The Culture Show

Long Lost Family

Long Lost Family traces and reunites family members in this compelling series.  Presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell.

Lost Kingdoms of South America

2 x 60 shot on location in Peru, following archaeologist and Americas curator at the British Museum Dr Jago Cooper as he explores mountain citadels and sprawling stone ruins to learn about the peoples who lived in them long before the arrival of the Incas and Spanish conquistadors.

Episode 1 People of the Clouds – Archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper embarks on an epic journey into the remote Peruvian Andes in search of the mysterious Chachapoya people. Once numbering half a million, they were known as the ‘People of the Clouds’. Dr Cooper reveals how they developed sophisticated methods of recording stories, traded in exotic goods found hundreds of miles from their territory, and had funeral traditions that challenge assumptions about ancient human behaviour. His search for evidence takes him to astonishing cliff tombs untouched for 500 years and one of the most spectacular fortresses in South America, where the fate of the Chachapoya is revealed.

Episode 4  Kingdom of the Desert – In the spectacular deserts of coastal Peru, archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper explores the dramatic rise and fall of Chimor, the first empire of South America. His journey begins among the ruins of a vast lost city once home to an all-powerful monarchy, whose subjects transformed the desert landscape, created gold and silver treasures and believed so strongly in the power of their gods that they made the most shocking of sacrifices. Chimor thrived despite facing some of the most extreme climate conditions in the world, but not even this powerful empire could withstand the forces that eventually destroyed it.

Priest Idol

Diverse for Channel 4 3 x 60 Observational documentary series about a South Yorkshire church in a former mining village. This three[part documentary follows an American priest as he attempts to breathe new life into neglected church and community.

Taste of My Life with Nigel Slater

20 x 30  D.O.P on two series presented by cookery writer Nigel Slater.

The story of what we cook and eat is in itself a form of autobiography.

Guests have included the writers Alan Bennett and Meera Syal, the film director Richard E Grant, actors Vanessa Redgrave, Miranda Richardson, Brenda Blethyn, John Hurt, Timothy Spall, Sue Johnston, Liz Smith, Tamsin Grieg, Alex Kingston, Richard Briers, Max Beesley, Julia Sawalha, Keith Allen, John Barrowman, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Jane Horrocks, Angela Griffin, Thandie Newton, comedians Sanjeev Bhaskar, Jo Brand and Lenny Henry, Satirist Rory Bremner, cookery writer Nigella Lawson and the journalist and broadcaster Janet Street Porter.

Bollocks to Cancer

1 x 60 Observational documentary. Inspired by his own brush with “chemo”, former testicular cancer patient Patric Collerton (Dir.”The,Boy,Who’s,Skin,Fell,Off”) directed this funny, profound and uplifting film set in a Newcastle cancer ward, about the journey of 19 year old Steven Liddell, a chef from Alnwick, through chemo for testicular cancer.

My Life in Verse: Cerys Matthews

Welsh singer-songwriter Cerys Matthews travels back to her roots to explore the extraordinary legacy of Celtic poetry, and to discover why poets can make us feel so connected to the places we call home.

In a personal journey across the British Isles, Cerys Matthews traces the evolving role of the poet in society from the earliest Welsh bards to the writers of Northern Ireland’s Troubles, exploring the ways that poets have shaped Celtic identity.

Starting in her native Swansea, Cerys immerses herself in the surreal vision of Dylan Thomas, retracing his steps and analysing his musical use of language.

She moves on to Cardiff to explore the subversive, sensual poetry of 14th-century bard Dafydd ap Gwilym and the rich heritage of Welsh-language poetry. From there it is on to Yorkshire and Ted Hughes’s vision of the ancient Celtic kingdom of Elmet.

Cerys has been collecting folk songs for decades, and many of her favourite songs come from Ireland. She travels to County Sligo on the wild west coast to explore the beautiful landscapes that inspired Ireland’s great poet William Butler Yeats. In Belfast, she looks at the rich outpouring of poetry from Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

Cerys ends her journey in Scotland with the joyous, exuberant work of Robert Burns, and discovers why Burns connects with readers all around the world.

During her travels, Cerys reflects on the emotional impact of poetry on her own life and work, and on the power of words to change the course of history.

Michael Jackson’s Last Days: What Really Happened

Presenter Jacques Perreti investigates the story behind the countdown to the death of a superstar. Filmed on location in Los Angeles.

Kevin McCloud and The Big Town Plan

4 x 60 Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud follows an innovative community-led regeneration scheme in the former mining town of Castleford in Yorkshire.

Architects compete to design a new pedestrian bridge over Castleford’s river, which could improve residents’ quality of life and become an attraction, there are plans to rejuvenate three run-down green spaces in some of the hardest-hit neighbourhoods, and traffic-calming in the town’s residential heart with a controversial underpass.

Who Do You Think You Are: Jodie Kidd

Great-grandparents on both sides of Jodie’s family were awarded titles. Her father’s grandfather was Lord Beaverbrook, the legendary newspaper magnate who served in the British cabinet during both World Wars. Her mother’s grandfather was the mysterious Sir Rowland Hodge, a Newcastle shipbuilder.

Knowing next to nothing about Sir Rowland, Jodie first went to Newcastle. She discovered he had made a fortune building ships during the First World War, but later fled the city following a terrible scandal. Puzzlingly, despite the scandal Rowland Hodge was still awarded a title a few years later. Two astonishing letters in the Houses of Parliament archives, one from Sir Winston Churchill and the other from King George V, solved the riddle.

Jodie’s other great-grandfather, Lord Beaverbrook, was Canadian and Jodie was keen to discover how deep her roots went on the other side of the Atlantic. Her investigations in Canada revealed that her family were embroiled in an infamous 19th century murder. She managed to trace her family back much further than she ever imagined, and discovered that she descends from some of the earliest European settlers to arrive in 17th century America.

Put Me Together Again



2 x 60 following people with accidental brain injuries.

Edge of the City



1 x 90 Controversial observational documentary originally withdrawn from the schedules by Channel 4. This ‘unprecedented’ decision followed a warning from the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police that the timing of the programme would increase community tensions and provoke public disorder in Bradford. Edge of the City provides a powerful snapshot of the darker side of urban life in Britain. Following Bradford Social Services, the programme meets people who have a great – and often costly – dependency on the state, and the social workers who pick up the pieces.


Life Without Work

Period drama and social documentary. In 1910 philanthropist and chocolate tycoon Seebohm Rowntree wrote a radical book about unemployment. 100 years on, Richard Bilton turns detective and uncovers a moving story of one family’s journey from grinding poverty in a York slum to success as a Hollywood actor.

Fight Club: A History of Violence

4 x 60 series exploring the social, cultural and financial factors that drove the world of organised fighting in four different eras, beginning with the Georgian period.


1 x 60 We think of the Vikings as marauding warriors from Scandinavia who attacked Britain, but they were much more than this. They were explorers, traders, and adventurers, too.  Archaeologist and historian Neil Oliver heads for Scandinavia to reveal the truth behind the legend of the marauding Norsemen – the Vikings – from their point of view.

Return to the Falklands

1 x 90 Return to the Falklands takes two distinguished British servicemen back to the Islands and battlefields where they fought during the Falklands War more than thirty years ago. What will their reactions be as they retrace their steps on the battlegrounds again?

We hear their personal stories and about the war they fought. And we ask perhaps the most important question of all….was it all worth it?

How God Made the English

2 x 60 in which Diarmaid MacCulloch, professor of church history at Oxford University, explores both what it means to be English and what has shaped English identity, from the Dark Ages, through the Reformation to modern times.

Panorama: Tabloid Hacks Exposed

1 x 30 revealing a dishonourable history of law breaking that went beyond phone hacking and questions the police inaction that let it continue.

Imagine: The Art of Stand Up

1 x 70 Alan Yentob presents this documentary for Imagine on the art of stand-up comedy, exploring their backgrounds and influences and their passion for making people laugh.  This insightful look at the art of stand-up features contributions from some of our most popular comedians, such as Jack Whitehall, Jack Dee, Omid Djalili, Frank Skinner, David Baddiel, Shappi Khorsandi, Simon Amstell, Dara O Briain, Chris Addison, Ed Byrne and Jim Davidson.

Murdoch: Breaking the Spell?

For decades, Rupert Murdoch has held a unique position of power in Britain through his media empire. After the revelations of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, Panorama tells the inside story of how the media giant’s influence was dramatically challenged.

Britain’s Underworld

Across two series, Britain’s Underworld lifts the lid on the crime lords who flourished in Britain and Ireland’s roughest, toughest cities, from the 1950s to the 1990s. This ground-breaking series, featuring in-depth interviews with some of Britain’s most feared criminals, charts these seismic changes – as competing gangs fought for the richest pickings of the day

Newman: Saint or Sinner?

1 x 60 Former Conservative minister Ann Widdecombe explores 19th-century British Roman Catholic Cardinal John Henry Newman’s road to sainthood. Second camera unit filming in Boston.

Indian Hill Railways: Nilgiri Mountain Railway

1 x 60 From the Himalayas in the north to the Nilgiris in the south – for a hundred years these little trains have climbed through the clouds and into the wonderful world of Indian Hill Railways.

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is a romantic line, popular with honeymooners and driven by love and devotion as well as steam. It chugs through the south Indian jungle up to a hill station, once known as Snooty Ooty.

The current guard is Ivan. Married for twenty years, he is concerned about his friend Jenni, the ticket inspector, because he’s still a bachelor – but Jenni has a secret.